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Age calculator online | UPSC Age calculator from Date of Birth

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Age Calculator

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Now SARKARI NAUKARY ( provides an Age calculator Online, Candidates need to calculate their age while filling out the form, UPSC Age calculator from Date of Birth, you can do it very quickly with the help of an age calculator online.

Exactly how old are you? What's easy to do? In today's society, age is just a number, when it is a number, why don't we calculate it easily? We are constantly bombarded with messages to look young, feel young and act young. Age calculator can tell you how young or old you really are. Now you can easily calculate your age.

How to calculate Age by Date of Birth

To calculate your age online, you need to know what year you were born. You can find this on your birth certificate or other official documents.

To calculate your age with the age calculator online, first of all, insert the date on the top white box and insert below the day you want to know your age. After that print your date of birth in the right-hand yellow coloured box, after that click on the red button below. Your age calculation will automatically be printed on top.

There are many ways to calculate your age. The most common way is to subtract your year of birth from the current year. However, this only tells you how many years you've lived and doesn't take into account the day or month you were born. For more accurate calculations, you can use an online age calculator such as Life Expectancy This calculator asks for your date of birth and then tells you your exact age in years, months, days.

Average life expectancy in the United States is approximately 79 years, which means that the average person can expect to live approximately 79 years. However, this is only an average, and there are many factors that can affect how long a person lives. One of these factors is age. Age is an important factor when it comes to life expectancy because as people get older, their bodies become less able to fight off disease and heal from injuries. Additionally, older people are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. While some people manage to live relatively long and healthy lives despite these risks, the fact is that age is a major factor in lifespan. It is interesting to note that while life expectancy has increased over time due to medical and lifestyle changes, it has not increased equally across all age groups. In general, young people have seen the greatest increase in life expectancy.

My age calculator of Sarkari Naukari

If you want to know how old you are, this age calculator is for you and so funny! Just enter your birthday and we'll calculate your age in years, days, hours, minutes, and seconds. We'll also show you your age on other planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. So whether you're curious about your own age or the ages of others, this age calculator is a fun way to find out!

Why Calculate Age With Age Calculator

  1. To calculate your age using a calculator, you will need to know the year you were born.
  2. Once you have the year of birth, subtract it from the current year itself.
  3. The number you get is your age! approximately
  4. But age calculator calculates year, month and date very easily without any error


Calculating your age is a simple process that requires only a few steps. With the help of this Sarkari Naukri calculator, you can easily find out how old you are in years, days, months or seconds. So whether you're trying to find out how long you've been alive or planning your next birthday, calculating your age is quick and easy.

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